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Forensic Drug Testing

Forensic Drug Testing

All forensic analyses are performed strictly in accordance with the forensic protocols mandated by the CAP.

Workplace Drug Testing (Forensic)

Our Industrial Panels include more drugs than most laboratories and, in many instances, we report using lower cutoff levels. We recognize that an effective workplace drug testing program hinges on testing for the right drugs. Over the last several years prescription drug abuse has surpassed abuse of many of the recreational drugs yet most prescription drugs are not detected in a typical drug screen performed by others. For this reason, we are constantly updating our test panels to ensure that we include today’s most relevant substances.

Historically, urine has been the specimen of choice for use in drug testing due to its ease of collection. However in situations where the collection of a urine specimen is not practical or if there is suspicion of adulteration during collection, Aperian Laboratories offers Oral Fluid Testing as an alternative to urine testing for Industrial Drug Testing. These specimens are easily collected in full view of the collection personnel thereby eliminating any opportunity for specimen adulteration. Oral fluid panels parallel many of the same panels offered for urine drug testing.

Personal Drug Testing (Forensic)

If you suspect a family member of abusing drugs and wish to have them tested, or need a drug test for personal reasons, Aperian Laboratories offers confidential drug testing services. For about the same price as a “home” kit from the drug store, you will receive results that are professionally tested and reviewed by our scientists. Our Toxicologists are available for consultation on all results. Our staff is also here for consultation to determine the appropriateness of what drug screen panel to order.

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