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Aperian Laboratory Solutions

Aperian Laboratory Solutions is Alabama’s only independent, accredited forensic drug testing laboratory, having received full accreditation from The College of American Pathologists (CAP) as a forensic toxicology laboratory. We uphold the highest level of performance standards as mandated by the CAP certification.

Aperian Laboratory Solutions provides our client/partners access to the superior drug testing services that they deserve. We do so through our emphasis on quality. Our experienced staff is committed to providing both accurate and reliable test results along with excellent customer service. We understand and take very seriously the impact that our test results will have on the lives of the individuals that we receive samples from, therefore, we are always committed to providing accurate and defensible analytical results in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our laboratory is rigorously challenged to maintain the highest levels of excellence and quality through our participation in numerous CAP-Proficiency Testing programs. These programs encompass all aspects of our testing programs and include:

  • Forensic Urine Drug Screening/Quantification
  • Pain Management Urine Drug Screening /Quantification
  • Oral Fluid Drug Screening/Quantification from CAP
  • Oral Fluid Drug Screening/Quantification from Research Triangle Institute
  • Whole Blood Volatile Identification/Quantification from CAP
  • Urine Ethanol Biomarkers (EtG/EtS) from CAP
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids/Bath Salts from CAP

Our continuum of successful performance on these surveys demonstrates our commitment to upholding the quality of the testing that is offered to all of our clients.

Our team is comprised of dedicated employees who believe that our primary focus is to provide the best possible service to our customers.

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